Cine: Diaspora/situations e Relatos de uma rapariga nada púdica
LARGO Café Estúdio
Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 22
1150-096 Lisboa

Queer Week ☆ *Diaspora/situations* e *Relatos de uma rapariga nada púdica*
15 Jun. Qui. 21h30 LARGO Café Estúdio
Queer Week #8 was a week-long festival in March based in several Parisian places.
About? gender, sexualities and race: talks, workshops and conferences to empower & explore flawless love !

Queer Week #8 is now flying in different cities this summer to spread itself and be inspired by : YOU !
We are very happy to diffuse two documentaries in Largo Estudio, in presence of their directors.


🌸1/ *Diaspora/situations* (2016) is a documentary based on interviews with people of color, reflecting on the impact of diaspora on their bodies and affects.
TRAILER : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWTJpu6XQYQ
> Tarek Lakhrissi is a French-Moroccan visual artist based in Paris. Now graduated with an MA from Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, he did an international exchange at University of Montreal, completing a Master degree in Art History/Theatre Studies. His research subject was about intersectionality, disidentification (Muñoz) and performance art through Adrian Piper and Darkmatter’s works. He writes poetry and develops visual content aiming at challenging language and reflecting upon identity. He also works as a bookseller in the center of Paris.

🌸2/ *Relatos de um rapariga nada pudica* documentary by Lolo Arziki.

Synopsis : Video Performance, an artistic, intimate and personal experience about being a woman, a black woman, an African woman, and the affirmation of her sexuality within the Cape Verdean cultural context. From the text ” Stories of an indecent girl ”, letters that emerge from a need for provocation, freedom and communication with her body and identity and later with the world. The video is recorded in the room of the house where I lived for six months on my return to Cape Verde. The choice of the interior has precisely to do with how the relation with that identity is allowed. I simply invite Ricardo F. Mendes (my trainee colleague at the time) to confront something we have debated several times in our conversations, ” Homosexuality seen in the African context, ” I think it was a challenge for both of us. The features were few and the intention was to have a simple image that did not turn off the audio attention. “It is my intention to shout confrontation and provoke arguments based on the root of the problem.”

Lolo Arziki is a Queer artist, a natural immigrant from Cape Verde, who resided in Portugal for 12 years and in the last 5 years she lives between Portugal and Luxembourg.
As a feminist, her work focuses on the themes of sexuality, race and gender. She also hosted Homestay documentary: a documentary about a housing tourism program on the island of Maio featuring women. Its goal stands in the economic empowerment of these women.
Lolo now attends the masters in Aesthetics and Artistic Studies with specialization in cinema and photography. She also works as a performer.
> https://www.facebook.com/Storiesofanindecentgirl/

Picture Credits: https://www.marcelailustra.com.br/

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